Dealing with workplace bullying – How Somatic Coaching can help!

26 June 2023

In this episode of the Shining a Light on Workplace Bullying Podcast I’m talking to Gail Corbett-Smith.

Gail is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and Somatic Practitioner primarily focused on supporting people in their personal development, working through personal and professional challenges as well as trauma and overwhelming situations.

Gail has a broad business and communications background and worked in management roles for a number of companies and organisations both in the UK and in Switzerland.

She has a particular interest in supporting people with their respective inner journeys – in creating space for deeper inner awareness, which in turn can help people better relate to themselves as well as others in family, organisational and business settings.

Gail believes that somatic awareness can offer more meaningful and sustained transitions and changes in the coaching and therapeutic arena. She can be reached at: and


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