Make Work (and the World) a Better Place with Coaching

Why is it that the most important life skills are the things we get the least help in learning?

Typical life skills that are essential to create fulfilling private and professional lives for ourselves are things like developing emotional and social intelligence; learning effective communication and conflict management skills; identifying our core values and an inspirational sense of purpose; and learning to replace limiting beliefs with empowering ones…

Why don’t we learn this in school? Normally, we are left to figure these things out ourselves. Moreover, most people have little or no awareness of how these essential life skills can improve the quality of all aspects of their lives, and they have no idea how to develop them.

The same is valid for organisations and teams where employee culture usually gets little or no attention and is largely left to shape itself.

In my opinion, coaching is today the best way to learn essential life skills and to create a strong, cohesive and collaborative employee culture. This is the main reason why I have decided to specialise on leadership development, team coaching and organisational culture as my contribution to make work (and the world) a better place.

What your employees will learn through coaching, each individual will take with them into their private lives as well. The potential impact of coaching is therefore like skipping stones across a lake. It’s fun to watch and do, and we never know where the ripples will ultimately end up.

Engaging a coach is therefore not only a powerful way to improve performance and behaviours within your organisation. It is also a contribution to purposeful social change…