• Self-Leadership

    As I think, so I feel, and so I act!

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  • Lead Yourself First!

  • Organisations don’t transform. People do.

    – Richard Barrett

Leading Yourself

Self-Leadership means stepping into your most resourceful and resilient self

Self-Leadership helps you build trust, respect and connection as a team leader

Leading Others

Leading Others

Self-Leadership helps you build trust, respect and connection as a team leader

Leading Together

Self-Leadership is the foundation of a healthy high-performance team culture

Norun Laahne Thomassen

Self-Leadership Coach

Enthusiastic coach, trainer, mentor and facilitator with a holistic approach to people & organisational development.

In my work, I provide effective and transformative tools and strategies for growth and wellbeing both on a personal and a professional level. I love helping people expand their awareness and find more clarity, balance and fulfilment as naturally creative, resourceful and whole human beings.

Personal and organisational development go hand-in-hand!

My qualifications include:

  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC) of the International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Fribourg (Switzerland)
  • 20+ years of international corporate experience in communications, digital media and finance
  • 400+ hours of coaching experience and 600+ hours of internationally recognised training for coaching individuals, teams and organisations (Co-Active Coach, Co-Active Leadership Program, ORSC – Organisation & Relationship Systems Coach, CTPC – Certified Team Performance Coach™, Laser-Focused Coaching Program, FMCHC – Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, Barrett Analytics Culture Assessment Certified Consultant)
  • Fluent in English, German, French and Norwegian

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Inspired by personal experience, science, spirituality as well as tools and resources from various coaching traditions, I am an expert in designing and delivering effective experiential workshops, trainings and coaching programmes that meet the specific needs of each client. All programmes can be in-person, virtual or a combination of both.


Self-Leadership Coaching

Step into your most resilient and resourceful self to realise your full potential

Effective self-leadership is the foundation for realising of your full potential. It means operating with authenticity and integrity and accepting responsibility for your own thoughts, feelings and actions. Effective self-leadership helps you lead an inspiring and fulfilling life, every day, no matter what is happening around you.

I offer tailor-made self-leadership development coaching for individuals and groups. The advantage of group coaching is that it also allows the participants to share own experiences and learn from each other. The training can be in-person, virtual or a combination of both.

Expected benefits

  • A personality type assessment which helps you get a deeper understanding of who you are, how you behave, and what is important to you.
  • Adopting a self-empowering mindset.
  • Identify your personal strengths and core values and use them actively in your daily life.
  • Clarify your inspirational sense of purpose and set meaningful goals.
  • Make sound choices and decisions based on the trivium method of critical thinking.
  • Become aware of your limiting beliefs and know how to overcome them.
  • Tame your triggers with a simple six-step process that will help you manage your thoughts, emotions and behaviours in challenging situations.
  • Know how to set and enforce healthy boundaries.
  • Hone your communication, networking and influencing skills.
  • Address conflicts with confidence and use them as an opportunity to improve your relationships and discover new win-win solutions.
  • Learn to identify and neutralise toxic communication patterns and know how to deal with bullies.
  • Understand the hidden rules (Universal Laws) of the game called “LIFE” so that you can consciously manifest your most desired future.
  • In general, enhance your personal resilience and your ability to thrive, excel and remain healthy in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.

Who can benefit

  • Anyone going through a life or career transition.
  • Anyone who wish to become more resourceful and resilient.

Healthy Team Culture

Intentionally shape and sustain a healthy team culture that fosters performance and high value for all stakeholders

A strong and healthy team culture is the single greatest differentiator and competitive advantage any team or organisation can achieve. When left unattended, team culture easily becomes dysfunctional. Team coaching helps the team intentionally shape and sustain a healthy and inclusive team culture that fosters engagement, performance and high value for all stakeholders.

I offer tailor-made coaching programmes for teams and/or entire organisations. The coaching can be in-person, virtual or a combination of both.

Expected benefits

  • A team assessment survey which reveals where the team is strong and healthy, and where high potential improvements can be leveraged.
  • Discover your team mascot and what is special and unique about your team.
  • Alignment around the team’s purpose, core values, and desired behaviours as well as shared responsibility for maintaining these.
  • Co-responsibility and self-leadership at all levels within your team.
  • Enhance communication and constructive interaction by learning to give and receive constructive and empowering feedback.
  • Embrace diversity within your team by deepening mutual understanding and appreciation of individual differences.
  • Address conflicts with confidence and use them as an opportunity to improve your relationships and discover new win-win solutions.
  • Create mutually agreed guidelines for constructive conflict management.
  • Learn to identify and replace toxic communication patterns with more healthy ones.
  • Clarify the outer and inner roles needed for the smooth functioning of a team. Identify and address potential role issues.
  • Create a solid basis for psychological safety as well as a framework for continuous reflection and learning built into the team’s daily work.
  • Dear to dream big and define the next steps to consciously and intentionally manifest the most desired future for your team.

Who can benefit

Self-organised teams or small/medium-sized organisations that want to enhance employee engagement and improve their cohesion, agility and competitiveness.


Self-Leadership Webinars


Quick Mini-Lessons

Aligning Your Internal Compass

Identify Your Values

Discover Your Purpose

Imagine Your Future


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What People Say

Norun’s Self Leadership coaching program is a must for anyone who wants to learn more about themselves through powerful self-discovery ideas and techniques. Norun is a kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable coach who is an absolute delight to be around. Her course totally transformed my way of thinking and living for the better. Everything she speaks about is easy to understand and helpful. She has a real gift with her coaching style and course material is top notch! I highly recommend her course and any course she puts out. The insights I gained personally are so valuable and very grateful to Norun for sharing her knowledge and wisdom. Norun is a gem of a coach.

Norun’s Self-Leadership Program is one of a kind and has had a profound impact on how I understand myself and show up in the world. She has masterfully crafted a program that builds upon deep knowledge of human psychology and behavior sciences combined with practical tools and applications to take immediately into daily life. With her program, I was able to connect with my authentic voice and step into my personal power. As a facilitator, Norun has the gift of creating an atmosphere of trust, empathy, and openness. I found her course material rich with content, well-organized, and something I will certainly revisit for reference and guidance. Her signature 6-Step Process for Effective Self-Regulation Technique that she has created is fantastic and I use it now on a regular basis in personal and professional situations. Her extensive experience and deep reflections shine through the program and she brings a unique interdisciplinary understanding to the essence of self-leadership. It has been a journey of deep reflection and transformation. I feel stronger and empowered having completed her program, to which I am very grateful.

Norun is a very professional, open, and empathic coach. After the discovery session she could design a great program that perfectly suite my needs. The coaching has been a great introspective experience, during which I could learn powerful techniques to apply in stressful situations. Norun has been a precious guide throughout the sessions: her interactive way of working allowed me to become more aware of my strengths and weakness and made the whole experience pleasant and enjoyable.

The better we know ourselves, the better we can lead us and as a result the better we can lead other people. It starts from within. Norun offered the theories, tools, and guidance to do exactly that – to focus on our deepest feelings and thoughts to get to know ourselves better. It is a challenging and exhausting process and requires much commitment, but it is worth it. Norun helped to recognize patterns and offered ways to break through them. Her charming nature and passion for self development are very motivating.

This “Self-Leadership” program is thoughtful and thought-provoking with so many layers to the presentation. Norun meets the client where they are at in life and gives them plenty of room to grow. It is a must to go over the slides again in your own time to fully immerse yourself in the content and to dig deeper. Each time I passed through the material, more is revealed to me about what is my meaning and purpose in life. How do I authentically show up for myself and for others? I can see having this material as part of one’s annual check-in of life…

I really appreciated Norun’ flexibility; the fact that she was able to adapt to my changing needs; she has given me tools, encouragement and guidance. I really enjoyed working with her; she takes her time and she shares her own experiences which is extremely helpful. This has been a real exchange which was precisely what I was looking for. As a result of the coaching I am must clearer on my own objectives, needs and wishes. This is key for me while moving forward in my professional career as well as in my private life.

The self-leadership programme is the one everyone must take irrespective of their job positions even worthwhile for jobless people to be able to expand their vision and better self-understanding. The programme not only boosts personal leadership features but also touches on mental wellbeing. Interactive exercises and not being just a listener in the programme is another fruitful aspect of the programme. The course is highly recommended for anyone who would like to understand how to first lead themselves and then the others.

Norun has truly helped me with her kindness, expertise and easiness to Earn Trust and never forget the most important things in life: define one’s important values. We all live in a very busy schedule, always on the go and with the pandemic sometimes it even feels that we are working non-stop. During Norun’s sessions I felt peaceful, she reminded me about what is important in a professional career and in life in general. I highly recommend her coaching and mentorship sessions because they felt like a breath of fresh air, made me reconsider some of my beliefs and thanks to her I managed to change teams and find what is truly important for me and for my future.

I was very happy to take this Leadership Development Programme. That was very helpful to broaden my knowledge on the subject as well as to give me clarity about things that you may already do but might be unaware of. I highly recommend it.