The Team Contract

The Team Contract is a powerful tool to ensure alignment, trust, and constructive interaction within a team, and it can be considered the foundation for a healthy and cohesive team culture that fosters high morale, high performance, and, ultimately, high value for all stakeholders.

Vision Statement

What you are trying to achieve or the future you want to create.
(the “End”)

Mission Statement

How you are going to realise your Vision.
(the “Means”)

CV = Core Value;  AV = Aspirational Value

  • Team Values
  • Core Value 1
  • Core Value 2
  • Core Value 3
  • Aspirational Value 1
  • Aspirational Value 2
  • Desired Behaviors
  • Behaviors for CV 1
  • Behaviors fro CV 2
  • Behaviors for CV 3
  • Behaviors for AV 1
  • Behaviors for AV 2
  • Value Champion(s)
  • Champion(s) for CV 1
  • Champion(s) for CV 2
  • Champion(s) for CV 3
  • Champion(s) for AV 1
  • Champion(s) for AV 2

Action Planning

Actions needed to make sure the contract remains a living tool that is updated and referred to on a regular basis.

Learn how to create a basic Team Contract.