Healthy Culture

Intentionally shape and sustain a unified and inclusive high-performance culture.

The single greatest differentiator and competitive advantage any team or organisation can achieve is a healthy and unifying team culture built on trust that fosters employee engagement, performance and, ultimately, high value for all stakeholders.

Without a strong culture, you will not be able to effectively execute your strategy in a sustainable way. Your culture is the enabler, the power centre that provides the energy to align people to strive for a shared objective.

Culture is a journey, not a destination

The culture – the way things are done around here – is a reflection of the values and behaviours of the people in the organisation, especially the leaders. Organisation-wide change starts by empowering people at all levels to live the values of the desired culture.

Cultural transformation is an ongoing process that requires time, intention, conscious and authentic leadership as well as continuous dialogue within the organisation. It needs to be managed and facilitated by people inside the organisation who are trained as change leaders or culture leads. Through reflection and conversation, people develop a collective awareness of what’s functional and dysfunctional, and begin to define the way forward toward the desired culture.

More information: The Process of Cultural Transformation.

Measuring Culture

It is critical to measure your unique culture over time and track the impact of your initiatives so that you can constantly adjust your course.

The Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) offer a comprehensive and flexible cultural diagnostics and values assessment framework designed to help leaders measure and manage their organisation culture. The CTT is based on the Barrett Seven Levels Model, which is ispired by Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. More than 6,000 organisations in 100 countries have used the CTT to support their journey to high-performance. All tools are proprietary and the intellectual property of the Barrett Values Centre.

Target Group

The Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) survey instruments can be used to map the values of all types of organisations, as well as nations, communities and schools. The tools are available on-line and affordable for both small and large organisations. Multiple languages are available and the tools can be customised to the specific cultural and demographic needs of the groups being surveyed.

Expected Benefits

  • Powerful metrics to analyse and actively manage the cultural health of your organisation including data cuts for each business unit, department and team, as well as organisation-wide demographic categories such as gender and age.
  • Deep meaningful conversations about the purpose and strategy of the organisation and the well-being of all stakeholders.
  • A road map for building a resilient values-driven culture that fosters increased staff engagement, high performance and long-term sustainability.

Most cultures are created unconsciously. When you are able to measure your culture, you can consciously create the culture you want.

– Richard Barrett

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